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The spring months of March, April and May is perhaps when the weather is at its most unpredictable – and most exciting! This time of year, an enormous change takes place as the snow melting in the mountains turns into rivers and roaring waterfalls. The serene winter landscape awakens, with birds chirping over the sound of a running stream. You can sometimes experience all four seasons in a single day, with rain, sun or even a rapid-fire hailstorm.

Lofthus in Hardanger. |© Robin Strand

What to do

The Geirangerfjord, together with the Nærøyfjord, represent the unique and beautiful Norwegian fjord landscapes on the UNESCO World Heritage list. This is one of our most popular attractions in the summer, but during the spring you can experience peace and quiet along with the fjord panorama. Snow-capped mountains frame the deep-blue water, and if you are visiting at the right time, the waterfalls will have built up a powerful roar.

Many other well-known attractions will have much fewer visitors in spring, and with a guide, you can even explore some of our most epic hiking destinations: Trolltunga and Preikestolen. Biking, kayaking and hiking are wonderful for exploring the landscape as soon as the snow melts, or even skiing or snowshoeing if the weather allows.

As always, safety comes first, and an experienced guide will not only help you navigate and find the right equipment but also tell stories about the landscape. Fjord cruise and speedy adventures on a RIB-boat are available the whole year through in Flåm. Be sure to dress well for when you go up on deck to spot wildlife or take photos!

A trip with RIB on the fjord is a great experience! |© Vegard Aasen/VERI Media

Orchards in bloom in Hardanger

The fruit trees in Hardanger blossom along steep mountainsides, traditionally cultivated by generation after generation. On the tops of the mountains, the snow still shines white in the sun, which rises higher and higher in the sky. A drive in this landscape is an incredibly beautiful experience, perhaps particularly in spring when it is full of contrasts.

Festivals and events

However, it is not only the fjords that come alive in Fjord Norway. The fjord cities have a lot to offer in the spring months. Not least in May, which is festival time! This is the month when Bergen hosts both Bergen International Festival and Nattjazz. MaiJazz takes place in Stavanger, the metal festival Karmøygeddon in Karmøy, and the annual folk song and poetry festival, Vise- og Lyrikkfestivalen, in Haugesund. May 17th is when Norway celebrates Constitution Day – our national day. The celebration in Bergen is quite different from other places in Norway.

Constitution Day in Bergen

Constitution day - 17th of May, starts early in the morning with the morning procession at 7.00. It is a whole day of celebrations and general merriment, on which the people dress in their best attire and gather in the streets and city restaurants. Everyone who owns a national costume – bunad – wears it on this day.

The traditional buekorps, marching brigades, distinguish the celebrations in Bergen from the rest of the country. Buekorps are only found in Bergen on 17th of May, and are, otherwise, a common sight in the city streets during much of the spring season. You cannot miss them; you can see them marching to the drums through the streets, proud in their uniforms.

Constitution Day in Bergen. |© Visit Bergen / Robin Strand -

Climate and weather

The temperature and climate during spring varies a lot. The villages tucked away deep in the fjord often enjoy a mild spring, and the locals rejoice when the trees start to show off their bright green buds, a sure sign of spring. At the same time, ski resorts in the mountains are often open through Easter as long as the snow stays. In spring, the sun can be shining one minute, and the next it's raining or snowing. Spring is a beautiful time for hiking and other outdoor adventures, but it is very important to pack for sudden changes in the weather and check the forecast before you set out. An updated weather report as well as statistics are available on

Average low-high temperatures: 3-11 ºC


Did you know that the sounds, smells and sights of spring produce serotonin in the brain. It creates a unique kind of happiness. We call it SPRINGFULNESS.

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