Kråko and PS Bryggekafe © Jørn Olav Myhre

Holiday houses for sale: Kråko is perhaps the most unique area for owning a home away from home - with the largest archipelago on the western coast of Norway right outside the cabin doors, a multitude of islands, one after the other, with inviting coves, secluded beaches and rich fishing and sea life. The area lies right next to the mountains of Fitjar, with hiking trails and wide views, on foot or by bike.

In Kråko, you are offered a variety of holiday homes at different cost levels, from simple cabins to large holiday houses. The plan allows for 400 units, and about half of them are sold so far. The facilities are of the highest standard, according to how a modern family wishes to live: with blurred lines between work and leisure, and using the cabin as a gathering place for the whole family, where you can both spend time alone, and also meet neighbours over a pint at the local café, PS Bryggekafé.

See the website for information about what's for sale: holiday homes, plots and boathouses, and more information about Kråko (website unfortunately only in Norwegian)

all cabins accessible by car
modern wastewater and sewage
cable for wi-fi

hiking trails
biking trails
picnic area
seasonal cafe
guest harbour