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Trollstigen offers an unforgettable approach, with its winding road crawling up the mountainside, as well as an incredible view from the bottom to the top. Some will find this hike sufficient, but if you are more the adventurous type, you may be inspired by other hiking destinations nearby.

Attention! The road up Trollstigen is closed until further notice due to the risk of rockslides. Please check your planned route before setting out on your trip!

Trollstigen Plateau

The most obvious choice is the Trollstigen Plateau itself. This structure has been acclaimed for its architecture and location in the landscape. You can get up close to the mountain landscape, river, and waterfall here by using the adapted walkways and steps. If you dare, you can venture out to the viewpoint protruding from the mountainside, which hovers 200 metres above Trollstigenvegen road.


Would you like an easy hike in the mighty mountains? As the name indicates, Trollstigenfoten is located at the foot of Trollstigen. The hike takes about an hour. Drive along Trollstigvegen to the car park at the bottom of Trollstigen. You then walk along the river, through the forest, and cross a suspension bridge – an excellent hike for the whole family. Learn more about Trollstigenfoten here >>


If you haven't already walked up to the Trollstigen Plateau, stretching your legs in such a beautiful mountain landscape might be tempting. The hike to Bispevatnet lake is relatively short, and you can make it in around 1.5 hours walking at an average pace. The path to Bispevatnet starts from the car park, just after the Trollstigen Plateau. The hike begins at 747 metres above sea level and has a total elevation of 290 metres. Once at the lake, you can continue up to a picnic area by some large rocks.


Romsdalseggen is referred to as one of the world’s most beautiful mountain hikes.|© Chris Holter/Visit Norhwest

Almost as famous as Trollstigen is the hike over the ridge of Romsdalseggen – a stunning mountain hike in a unique landscape. Along the entire ridge, you will have a view of Romsdalen valley and the Rauma river, surrounded by fantastic mountains like Romsdalshorn and Venjetindene. This hike starts from Venjedalen valley if you are making your own arrangements, but it's also common to begin with a bus tour from the centre of Åndalsnes. The hike goes high up and may be challenging for some people. If in doubt, we recommend you do the hike with a guide. Learn more about Romsdalseggen here >>


A short walk from the centre of Åndalsnes takes you straight to the Romsdalstrappa steps going up Nesaksla mountain. The goal of this hike could simply be Rampestreken, which you reach after walking for about 1.5 hours. It's steep here, but you will be rewarded with a stunning view from the steel ramp aptly named Rampestreken (a pun meaning “prank” in Norwegian). Alternatively, you could end your hike by continuing up to Nesaksla for a meal at Eggen Restaurant and then taking a gondola ride back to the centre. The chance to rest your knees and thighs after such a climb will no doubt be welcome!

© Tommy Soleim /


Another beautiful short mountain hike is the "little brother" Litlefjellet. As the name suggests, this hike is more manageable than its neighbours, the massifs Romsdalshorn, Venjetind and Blånebba. After a walk of just 20-30 minutes from the car park, you are already at the top, enjoying views of the mountain landscape and the Rauma river winding its way up Romsdalen. Although the hike is not long, it is high and steep at times. If you want to make this more than just a walk from the car park, renting an electric bike is possible – seeing Vengedalen is a magnificent part of the trip!

© Tonje Sætre

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