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In the northernmost part of Møre og Romsdal lies Aure – a small municipality containing the island of Tustna, along with several large and small islands, the mainland, and numerous islets and skerries. In other words, a little piece of Norway. Below you will find tips on all the finest hikes!

Mini Besseggen at Jørgenvågsalen

The most renowned mountain trek is the beautiful Jørgenvågsalen, with the peaks Jurtinden and Knubben at each end of the island Tustna. This hike is rightfully called a kind of "mini Besseggen" – as the hike traverses a mountain ridge with high altitudes and incredible views! As with all coastal mountains, half of the view extends over the sea, with islets, skerries and islands, including Smøla, Kristiansund and Hustadvika. In the opposite direction, you can see further inland and get a good overview of all the fjord arms, mountain and land areas.


The name of these mountains – Tustnastabban – derives from the islands they are located on: Tustna and Stabblandet. Innerbergsalen, Storøra and Skarven are the most well-known – besides the previously mentioned Jurtinden, Knubben and Jørgenvågsalen. Innerbergsalen is Southern Norway's highest island peak, standing at 908 metres above sea level. An island peak is the highest mountain peak on an island, and the neighbouring Storøra comes a close second with its 905 metres above sea level. Out on an island, close to the sea, you will really feel these metres of elevation – the contrasts are big, and the sense of accomplishment is even bigger! You get a clear view of Skarven from these mountains, which is the highest peak on Tustna.

Are you ready for a real challenge?

Seven Peaks Nightmare is the ultimate challenge for even the most adventurous. This mountain hike takes you on a demanding expedition to climb all seven peaks on Stabblandet and Tustna in one go. The peaks you will conquer are Knubben, Jørgenvågsalen, Skraven, Stabben, Innerbergsalen, Storøra and Litløra. You will climb upwards and downwards, tackle challenging ridges, and cover around 3,400 metres of elevation and approximately 30 kilometres of terrain. This truly adrenaline-filled experience will test your skills and endurance to the utmost. Do you accept the challenge?


Fjordruta is a marked hiking trail starting from the airport Kvernberget in Kristiansund. With the help of some suitable footwear and ferry rides, you can travel around the Vinjefjord and end up in Halsa. The first part of the trip goes over Tustna, Stabblandet, Ertvågsøya and the mainland around Aure before crossing the county border into Trøndelag. The hike takes you through diverse landscapes, and you can choose to stay in a wide selection of DNT cabins. Below you will find some suggestions for what to do on Fjordruta, or else you can do your own thing.

The Norwegian Trekking Association’s (DNT) cabin Imarbu is beautifully situated down by the fjord on Tustna.|© Roar Halten / KNT

Cabins along Fjordruta

Visit the mountain cave Jutulholet

Jutulholet is a large and deep mountain cave located on the island of Skarsøya, north of Aure centre. The cave is connected to an old German coastal fortress used during World War II. Many stories and legends are associated with the cave, including it being home to a “jutul”, a large, troll-like creature. In modern times, the cave has been used as a concert location and is a popular – if somewhat different – hiking destination in Aure.

Sleep in style while exploring the Tustnafjella mountains

In Aure, there are several unique places to stay that will make your experience all the more memorable. At Tustna Ladestasjon (or Charging Station), you can enjoy an exclusive hammock camp where you can recharge both body and soul under the open sky. This place also has an exciting restaurant that serves delicious dishes, including cod from Tustna and venison from their own deer. The vegetables are also grown on-site.

Grautaneset provides two kinds of accommodation that are truly exceptional. A cabin aptly named "The Mirror" offers you the rare combination of complete privacy in a glasshouse with a fantastic view. You can genuinely enjoy nature here without any prying eyes. Right nearby you will also find Grautaneset Arctic Dome, a luxurious camping experience with comfortable beds, heating and cooking facilities, all located on a fantastic vantage point in beautiful nature.

On the charming islet Ringholmen, you can rent a room at a former fish factory. Here you can indulge in the pleasures of the sea and breathe in the delightful sea air!

Would you like to stay on an island, in a glass cabin, or in a hammock?

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