Saunafjord|© Falkeblikk AS

Imagine, a jump into an insanely green Sognefjord with a temperature of just under 10 degrees, you know you're alive.

Two swimming caps and you're on land, two meters and you're in the heat.

The warmth that immediately gives you energy increases blood circulation and the feeling of well-being.

Today, both by and on the Sognefjord, you can find several saunas that very few can compete with.

Fair enough, the temperature is similar to many other places. But it is the whole, the total package. Through large glass facades you are at one with the landscape, all the health-promoting properties a sauna provides are even better when the psychological part also gets its own purification.

It's like a kinder egg, all in one.

Luster Fjord Spa|© Håvard Nesbø

Did you know...

Did you know that Sauna, or sauna stove as we call it here at the Sognefjord, has several health benefits.

Detox as they call it in the city, but increased metabolism, weight loss, pain reduction, anti-ageing, improve cardiovascular function, improve immunity, stress management and relaxation.

Did you know that the Sognefjord is a balm for the soul, you find your own peace when you are here, here you find the unique fjord light and landscape that provides relaxation, stress management, lowers blood pressure, and resets thoughts and mind.
One charges the battery, and improves the metabolism with increased well-being, short trips, healthy and good food.

Welcome to Saunafjorden.