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1. Gladmat food festival

Norway's largest food festival is a perfect start to the summer, and most locals plan their holidays to occur at the same time as the festival. They don't want to miss out on the foodie event of the year! During the four festival days, Stavanger is more or less transformed into a gigantic restaurant stage. Furthermore, you can visit countless stalls with exhibitors where you will taste savoury food. The event is suitable for most ages with several types of activities, such as guided food tours, VIP events, concerts, chef competitions and food courses.

2. Ranglerock Music Festival

For the twenty-second time, the Ranglerock music festival will take place. The venue is indoors in Hvelvet (the Vault) of the venue Kulturbanken at Bryne. Enjoy great concert experiences all weekend from mid-July.

3. Mablis Music Festival

At Mablis in Vålandsparken, you will be served quality music from well-known artists and the opportunity to discover new music. You'll also get plenty of cultural experiences in the form of art, collaborative projects and the flavour of local food and drink.

© Jarle Stronstad

4. Skifestivalen BLINK

From 31 July - 3 August, the summer's big event takes place in Sandnes and Gjesdal. Join in and get to cheer on your favourite biathlon and cross-country athlete these days! And, yes, biathlon and cross-country skiing in the middle of summer is perfectly fine - the competition takes place on roller skis. Experience the entire world's skiing elite gathering to compete. In addition to the competition itself, socialise with friends or family at an evening event with music, food and lots of fun.

5. Chamber Music Festival

This year's festival will be number 34 in a row. Stavanger Chamber Music Festival takes place from 6 - 11 August. The festival is one of Europe's leading within the genre, and the public can look forward to several captivating musical experiences.

6. Tomatfestivalen

The tomato festival. It's only natural to celebrate the tomato in the Stavanger region! The county alone keeps 80% of the greenhouses in Norway. And tomatoes and cucumbers are a large part of what is produced there. The tomatoes from the island of Finnøy are well-known in Norway, and rightly so. From 15 - 18 August this year, a family gathering in the centre of Judaberg takes place, with exhibitors, activities and plenty of delicious food.

7. Utopia

At the end of August (30 - 31 August), the park, Bjergstedparken, will fill up with the biggest names in pop, EDM and urban music. If this music is your cup of tea, then this is the event for you!

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