Royal Tur will take you on a fantastic sightseeing tour where we drive all the way out to the big sea. Here are opportunities to go inside the lighthouse and Alnes Visitor Center, where you can also buy a cup of coffee and local food. In Ålesund there is a stop at Ålesund mountain view point Aksla. Enjoy the panoramic view over Ålesund and the islands surrounding the region.

About the trip - history and culture

Welcome to the heart of beautiful Norwegian nature. With the sea on all sides, nicely located and surrounded by mountains we find beautiful Ålesund - the art nouveau town, which is like taken from a fairy tale book.

In the first stop we see Ålesund town from the top of the mountain Aksla, with panoramic views of the town, surrounded by sea and mountains. Driving through the streets of Ålesund you will see the old houses that survived the city fire in 1904, and the new ones that were rebuilt in art nouveau style.

From Ålesund, there are 3 underwater tunnels to Alnes and Alnes lighthouse. An adventure journey in reality, an unique experience even for Norwegians. On this tour you will see old farms, narrow roads, mountains with snowcapped peak and it is simply unforgettable. We take short stop to admire beautiful Alnes before we go to Alnes lighthouse

At Alnes lighthouse you can go up to the lighthouse and experience a 360 degree panoramic view. Panorama windows facing the great sea are equally fascinating in all kinds of weather from storms to sunlight. The most beautiful sunsets are experienced here. The lighthouse has fully operated for boats and ships on Alnes since 1853.

After visiting Alnes, the tour continues back to Ålesund. But first there is a stop at Giske - the historical viking island. Here we find Giske Church that was built in 1130. This church is the only one in Norway that is built in marble and is still in use.


- Entrance to Alnes Visitor Centre and the lighthouse
- Entrance to Fjellstua and Aksla Viewpoint
- Bottle of Water

Route information

- Stop 1: 15 min. View of Ålesund from the mountain. Toilet stop. Driving time 15 min. Video of Ålesund and Alnes lighthouse in the bus. Lasts 25 min.
- Stop 2: 5 min. Alnes viewpoint for Alnes Lighthouse. Driving time 30 min.
- Stop 3: 45 min. Alnes lighthouse and experience center. Toilet stop. Driving time 5 min.
- Stop 4: 10 min. Giske Church. Driving 10 min.
- Stop 5: 5 min. Ålesund: The beautiful Brosundet. Driving time 30 min.
- Stop 6: 10 min. Ålesund light house. Driving time 10 min.
- Stop 7: Ålesund cruise ship harbor. Driving time 20 min.

Duration: 3 hours

Practical information

The tour is 1st class with an exclusive 16 seated minibus with the best comfort and panoramic windows, for the best views. Comfort and quality are our brand.

Local driver and guide that lives here all year!

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