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Around Åmotan, rivers from six different valleys come together. Lindalsfallet and Svøufallet are the most impressive waterfalls as they fall down the side on the canyon and into the Grøvu river. The area is organized with well-marked paths and all the trails offer fantastic nature experiences in a completely unique landscape.

How to get to Åmotan

If you are driving along Highway 70 from Oppdal or Sunndalsøra, take off at Gjøra and drive about 5 km to Svisdal. Around you, the Sunndal mountains rise up towards Dovre, with three waterfalls tumbling down the mountainsides into the same ravine. During the spring floods, this becomes an raging inferno that will take your breath away. But even at other times, there is plenty of water in the falls to allow you admire one of Sunndal's greatest natural phenomena.

A path carries you down into the ravine, but you can enjoy a little of the same experience from the road leading up to Vangshaugen tourist lodge. Marked trails in spectacular surroundings. Maps are available at Sunndalsøra tourist information, the National Park Center at
Gjøra and by parking place at Åmotan.


Svøufallet is ranked as one of the 100 most beautiful waterfalls in the world! To experience the full intensity of the 313 meter waterfall you can walk down to Åmotan from Jenstad. You can also see the waterfall from the top from Svisdalen.


Or Lindalsfossen, is the most mighty of the waterfalls in Åmotan - a free fall of 110 meters! Lindalsfallet i a hidden gem you have to walk to see. Ørnsnydda at the Jenstad side is a great viewpoint for the waterfalls.


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Where is The waterfalls in Åmotan ?