Apalvikjo is a nice beach with benches, toilet, easily accessible.

You can reach the beach from both south and north of the trail; Sævarhagsvikjo marina or Storhaug.

Parking: In boths ends of the trail.
Marking: Information board at the starting point. Marked and graded after the new national standard. Signs in all crosspaths. 
Grading: Green. Easy hike. 
Difference in altitude: 0 – 48 m. above sea level 

Public transport: Busses from Leirvik to Rommetveit or Øklandslio. Step of the bus after the sign to Tyneset and walk the last stretch down towards the harbour. This path is within walking distance from the regional center Leirvik. You go north, passing Stord church, towards Aslaksvikjo.  After passing the Apply Leirvik (supplier of Living Quarters for the offshore industry), you arrive the southern gateway to Hystadmarkjo.                                                                                                                                                     

Tour description: This is a well-prepared and graveled track fit for everybody.

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Where is Apalvikjo beach?