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If you are in Øvre Årdal then it is a MUST to take a hiking tour to Avdalen, and maybe a stop at Avalden Farm. It is a gravel road from Hjelle and in to the valley. So this tour is suitable for everyone.  

Hjelle – Avdalen – Hjelle

Walking map: Årdal walking map

Starting and finishing point: Hjelle

Parking: Car park at the foot of Hjellefossen waterfall

Waymarking: Information board at the car park

Altitude difference: 75–380 metres.

Total time: 2.5 hours there and back.

Description of walk

Follow the Folkevegen road until you have crossed Avdalsbrua bridge (bridge no 3). From here, turn off to the left on a quite steep but good path up to the Avdalen valley. In summer, the idyllic Avdalen farm is staffed, and you can stay overnight and buy refreshments


  • Utladalsvegen 11
  • 6884 Øvre Årdal


Level of difficulty:
  • Medium (blue)

Where is Avdalen?