Guided hike to Bakkanosi - above UNESCO Nærøyfjord

Tour info: Length: approx. 20 km round trip 560 masl - 1398 masl Time use: 6-8 hours round trip Starting point: Jordalen - between Gudvangen and Stalheim in Voss municipality


At Jordalen school it costs NOK 70 per day. Outside the schoolyard, on the other side of the road, it costs NOK 100 per day. Paid with Vipps. Here is an information board about the trip to Bakkanosi.

The hike to Bakkanosi mountain is spectacular, which offers amazing views of the narrow and beautiful Nærøyfjord, featured on the UNESCO's World Heritage List!

The hike to Bakkanosi starts from Jordalen valley, by the School in Jordalen. First we will walk the tractor road to the charming mountain farms in Slettedalen valley. From the mountain farms we'll walk up the u-shaped valley on the left side of a little river. By the Slettedalstjørni tarn, the track eases off towards the top of Bakkanosi mountain. It's hard to describe the stunning and airy view of the Nærøyfjord at the top. You have to experience it yourself! We will return the same way we came up.  PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS - The hike is long and is partly in high mountain terrain where the weather conditions can change fast. You need to be fit and have hiking experience in steep and uneaven terrain. - Lower age limit is 10 - 12 years EQUIPMENT All participants must have sturdy hiking boots/shoes, and a backpack with water and wind proof clothing, food and drink. Information regarding the equipment needed will be sent to each participant.


  • Jordalen Skule

Where is Bakkanosi - above UNESCO Nærøyfjord?