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Blåfjell Mines were operated in the period from 1863 to 1876. Here titanium-containing iron ore was mined. The ore from the mine was shipped out into Rekefjord. In total, approximately 80,000 tonnes of ore were extracted from the mines.

A railway route was built from Blåfjell to Rekefjord. The carriages were first pulled by horses, and later by locomotives. Today, this is a nice 3.6 kilometer long gravel-covered walkway and bike path. This is a nice and gentle walk into the valley in scenic surroundings. The old railway route also passes the famous Ruggesteinen. Great hiking trail from the bathing place Linepollen and further inland to Blåfjellet.

There are about 20 small and large mining elements. Platformgruva is the lower one with an entrance from the platform. Mellomgruva is located just above and is the largest. The feature actually covers two mines, Undergruva and Overgruva. The ore from Mellomgruva was emptied into a gutter and ended up on the platform.

Magma Geopark has guided tours if you want to enter the mines.

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