Blåsjø Water Reservoir located in Ryfylke and Setesdal. Blåsjø is Norway's largest artificial lake, and kept in place by 11 small and larger dams. When regulated to its highest water level, Blåsjø covers an area of over 82sqkm. Storvassdammen, Oddatjørndammen and Førrevassdammen are some of the largest dams connected to the Blåsjø water reservoir. Storevassdammen is the largest and Oddatjørndammen the highest rock-fill dam in Norway, and Førrevassdammen is the largest concrete dam in Norway.

The mountain road to Blåsjø is normally open in July, but large amounts of snow can postpone the opening. The road is usually open till 1. October.


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Where is Blåsjø Reservoir in Ryfylke and Setesdal?