Blåtinden (by Haddalfjell) at 697 m.o.h. is the highest peak on Hareidlandet. There are several alternative routes up to the top, from among others Haddal and Gjerde, and the trip can be combined with Kongsvollen, 683 m.o.h. The view from the top of Blåtinden includes Vartdalsfjorden, Ørstafjorden and the islands between Hareidlandet and Gurskøy.

The route depicted here starts in Eiksund. You walk a bit through the forest before you reach the barren mountains and have a great view of several fjords (Volda, Ørsta, Rovde, Vartdal), views of the Sunnmørsalpane and when you reach the top there is also a great view of the islands on Ytre Søre Sunnmøre. Sunnmøre shows all its beautiful sides - fjord, mountains, island landscape and sea!

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Where is Blåtinden Mountain?