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Travel like the locals! Bus trip Åndalsnes – Trollstigen – Åndalsnes. Buy your tickets here.

Trollstigen is famous for the road leading up to the Trollstigen plateau, curving up the mountain side with several hairpin bends. On the top, you can enjoy spectacular views from the various viewpoints. The Trollstigen plateau is also a great starting point for beautiful hikes. On this round trip, you will have enough time to enjoy the views from the Trollstigen plateau and go for a hike as well. We recommend either the Bispevatnet lake or Alnessteinen (the Alnes Rock) as the target for your hike. Note! The hikes are not guided. You must ensure to obtain enough information about the hike before starting and bring everything you need to secure a safe and nice hike. Suggested hike 1: Bispevatnet lake Difficulty: medium (suitable for anyone who is in good shape and used to follow a marked path) Duration: approx. 1 hour each way (a total of 2 hours active waking to go there and back) The hike starts at the bridge, just across from the Trollstigen plateau. Follow the road 30 m upwards, cross the road and start following the path marked with a red T. Walk up towards the ridge until the terrain flattens and you can see a little pond. Turn right around the protruding rock and continue upwards along a cairn marked route. After approx. 100 m, the path goes right crossing an area of bare rock, and then upwards through a scree slope. Keep right up another ridge, and then keep right at the next large scree slope. Then the path follows the ridge upwards, slightly turning right. When you reach the lake, you can continue upwards to a picnic area next to the big rocks. Suggested hike 2: Alnessteinen (the Alnes Rock) Difficulty: medium (suitable for anyone who is in good shape and used to follow a marked path) Duration: approx. 1 hour each way (a total of 2 hours active waking to go there and back) The hike starts approx. 10 minutes on foot from the Trollstigen plateau in the direction of Valldal. Follow the road towards Valldal until you see signs to Alnessteinen on the left side of the road. At the beginning, the path follows the river and then continues towards a lake. After approx. 300 meters, the path can be hard to spot, but it will become more visible as you walk on. Follow the path all the way to the Alnesvatnet lake. From the Alnesvatnet lake, you can follow the path along the left side of the Alnes valley. After a short slope upwards, you will see a large rock on the right side, which is a nice picnic spot. This is the Alnes Rock. Departure from Åndalsnes railway/bus station (and from Åndalsnes Hostel on the early departure).

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This is a "Travel like the locals" tour. The tours use public transport, i.e. regular buses, ferries and boats, but we have done the planning for you so that buses, ferries and boats connect, and you can concentrate on enjoying your trip. You travel on your own – there is no guide or tour leader. On most of our tours, you must change several times between different buses/ferries/boats, and it is up to you to make sure you catch your connections – truly travelling like a local! Due to deviations in the timetables, tours are not available for booking on public holidays and during holiday periods such as Easter and Christmas. The timetable shown is valid for the periods when the tour can be booked.


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