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Old Skudeneshavn is one of the best-preserved coastal towns in Norway. The town is surrounded by a protective harbour on the south peak of Karmøy. The Old Town had around 3000 inhabitants in the late 1800s. Here you can see how the town is situated between Havnafjell and the sea on a small strip of land. Because of the extensive shipping the town got impulses from around the world. The cityscape is characterized by the fashion of Europe at the time, especially the Empire style which came from the excavations of Pompeii in the 1700s. Old Skudeneshavn is often called "the White Empire Town". It is exciting to see that there are recreated a lot of embellishment from the Ancient stone temples on the small wooden houses. There are several places to stay the night and for dining. The peak of building was between 1840 and 1860, most of the houses were built by craftsmen from Rogaland and Agder.

A walk through the old town takes you back 150 years and gives a glimpse on life in Skudeneshavn in the 1800s.

You can do a city Guide with The "Time Travel" app that takes you on a historic wandering tour with a theatrical touch. Learn about the characters from times past that will show you their town as they know it.

You are also welcome to a theatrical walking tour every Sunday during July. Follow 18th century figures on an exciting trip through the history of the town. Meeting point: Tourist Office (Torget) at 13:00. For guided tour booking please contact: /+47 99 24 11 30.

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  • Holmen 16
  • 4280 Skudeneshavn
+ 47 900 51 039


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