From the starting point the trail cross the river near the deserted farm Kilen and continue a bit steep uphill towards Kilali. The trail passes Likholmyri (Corps-swamp) and Likhelleren (Corps-shelf) which got their names after struggling journeys to the graveyard in Dale. At the highest point of the trail you get to a trail-crossing (740 meters above sea level) that gives you several opportunities to continue your hike.

Take the marked trail north from the trail – crossing (740 meters above sea level). You hike underneath Storhaug and pass Breidsete before you cross the river to Vigdalstølen. DNT has a cabin here where it's possible to stay overnight. From Vigdalstøl you can easily walk down to the parking in Vigdalen or you can hike towards Fast, a day hike for experienced hikers.


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Where is Dalsdalen - Vigdalstøl?