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Join DripFiske on a guided tour - DripFiske wants to be able to give you a fishing experience that balance the feeling of calm, silence, adrenaline and excitement in one and the same package.

These are the packages you can choose from DripFiske

Deep sea fishing trip

What landscapes lie hidden beneath the surface? What strange creatures live in this world? Drop your line with us, and you may meet one of them!

Time: 3 hours

Age: 4+

Price: 1400 NOK

Angeling in Fjærlandsfjord

Do you want a day of boating in combination with fishing, in one of Norway's most beautiful fjords?

Time: 3 hours

Age: 3+

Price: 1600 NOK

Private tour to the Finnafjord

It is an exclusive experience to the most secluded arm of the Sognefjord. There is no road, no mobile service and no noises except for waterfalls and bird chirps.

Time: 6 hours

Age: 5+

Price: 5800 NOK


The first half of the trip will be the deepwater fishing, where we fish at 200-500 meters deep. After a while in the depths, we take the trip into Fjærlandsfjorden where we hunt for sea trout and other species.

Time: 4 h 30 min

Age: 5+

Price: 4800 NOK

Junior fishing trip

Take the children on a short fishing trip where the kids can join in the fishing - this creates memories for life.

Time: 1 h 30 min

Age: 3+

Price: 1450 NOK


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