Generally, there are ski tracks to follow up the hillside. However, if not, go from the farm by Dalsbø, along the creek about 100 meters before you start going up the hill.

You will reach the top of the hillside about where the high voltage cables goes around the edge towards Sandvikdalen valley.

If there is no snow on the hillside is there is a good path on the east side of the creek up the hill. When you get above the treeline proceed in a southerly direction untill the terrain flattens out.

Then go diagonally up the hillside. You should come up at the lowest point south of Sandvikhaugen. Now continue along the ridge to the summit Dronningskrona.


  • Dalsbøen
  • 6620 ÅLVUNDEID
70 23 88 00

Where is Dronningkrona i Sunndal (1816 m.a.s.)?