At Frekhaug in Nordhordland, north of Bergen, there are several good hiking alternatives. One of them is the walk up to Håøytoppen.

Parking: This hike starts from Flatøy, just before you reach Knarvik on route E39. The drive takes approximately 35 minutes from Bergen city center. In the large parking lot at E39 there is plenty of space to park your car.  The tour starts by the parking lot and you will also find signs with maps of the area.

For public transport, take bus no 300 to Blandeverket (Alver). The bus schedule is available at 

More about the trip: The walk to Håøytoppen is an easy trip of approximately 5 km back and forth. The walk is suitable for families with children, especially in the summertime, with several places to swim along the way. The first part of the walk is on a path to the "fritidsområde" (recreational area) on Håøya. The trail runs in light terrain on alternating mountain ground and slightly softer terrain. Good waterproof shoes or hiking boots is recommended. At the "fritidsområde" you will find a toilet, fixed grill and table / benches by the quay.

From the outdoor area there are several paths up to Håøytoppen. The easiest way is to walk through the grasslands in the "fritidsområde"and follow the old military road (nice gravel road) to the top. If the weather is good, there is a great view in all directions from the top.

Håøya: Håøya is a peninsula located in the middle of one of the main sea routes into Bergen. This "safe" sea route between Bergen and the Sognefjord is protected by the island guards in the west, and is commonly called the inner "farlei". Ever since the Viking Age, people have used this route, and Håøya has been a strategically important point.

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Source: Visit Bergen


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Where is Experience the view from Håøytoppen at Frekhaug, north of Bergen?