The Finnafjord is one of the smallest branches of the Sognefjord, but definitely one of the most beautiful ones. At the narrow sound at Finden, you can get a practical demonstration f how a fjord system functions with the passing tidal currents. Synnøve Finden, one of the most famous Norwegian cheese producers, was born and raised here.

The Finnafjord in the middle is almost divided in two - where the garden Finden is located. A headland protrudes into the fjord, and the outermost part of the headland bears the name Holmen, which protrudes slightly with a height of 6-7 m in the middle. The narrow passage between the headland and the land to the east is called Straumen (stream at high tide), which Hoprekstad calls «a shallow stream».  


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Where is Finnafjord/Finnabotn?