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We take pleasure in the closeness to the nature while we are served a taste of the mountain.

Hardangervidda has a rich animal and bird life, and we can prepare ourselves for a exotic soundtrack. We will have the chance to see rare bird species like f.ex. the ring ouzel, so if you have a pair of binoculars we suggest they come along for the trip.

When we sail down the fjord we'll have a fantastic view of the Hallingskarvet mountain formation, the Hardangerjøkulen glacier and over the vast Hardangervidda mountain plateau, so keep your camera ready.

The guide will take us back in time and tell us about the high mountains' history up until the modern day. There's been human activity here for close to 8000 years and there are a lot of traces from ancient times. Trappers, live-stock drovers, bishops, reindeer herders, hunters and ramblers layed their routes here and Halne has been a central area.

Hardangervidda national park is the home of Europe's largest herd of wild reindeer, and the guide will give us insight into the importance of preserving this herd and it's environment. There are a lot of challenges associated with the reindeer and the national park and the guide will tell us about todays administration and politics.

This trip will not only give you an amazing experience out in nature, but also give you a lot of knowledge about the mountain and it's ecosystem and history - that you can bring with you on future hiking trips.

The trip lasts about 2 hours, and you are very welcome to go for a hike and buy yourself a good meal at Halne Fjellstugu afterwards.

Welcome aboard!

Organizer: Halne Fjellstugu Parking: Yes Meeting point: Halne Mountain Lodge Order time threshold: The day before, by 6 pm Bring: Rain coat and wool underwear, binoculas and camera. The weather in the mountains changes quickly, so make sure to have an extra layer to put on (fleece or wool).  Meeting point: Halne Fjellstugu Contact us: | +47 53 66 57 12

NOTE! If you would like to do the trip another day than listed here, please contact us and will try to arrange it for you. 


  • Hardangervidda 227
  • 5785 Vøringsfoss


  • Summer

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