The trip up takes about 2.5 hours. for glacier change on Flatbreen, Jostedalsbreen. One comes close to the steep glacier fall, about 800 meters above sea level. Self-catering cottage with 18 beds.

The cabin is used a lot for accommodation in connection with hiking and courses on the Flatbreen. Accommodation must be booked in advance by phone or e-mail.

Flatbrehytta is a privately owned self-catering high mountain cabin located a stone's throw away from Flatbreen, 994 meters above sea level above Fjærland. The two cabins were built in 1954 and 1964. It is possible to stay overnight in both cabins.

The oldest "Steinhytta" can sleep 3-4 people. The other can accommodate 15 people on three floors in the dormitory and a loft with room for 3 people.

Several glacier courses are held at the cabin every year.

Price for accommodation is 300, - per person per night and includes the use of firewood and gas. All accommodation and payment must be agreed in advance, then guests will also receive good information about the walking route up.

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Where is Flatbrehytta mountaincabin, Fjærland?