The Garborg Centre is a social meeting place. You will be encouraged to take an active part in today's society as well as be inspired to develop your own creativity.

At the Garborg Centre you will not only look and listen, but read, be creative and solve problems. The exhibition is divided into the following topics: husband and wife, language, democracy, literature, modernity and tradition, media and life and society. Here you will learn about Arne and Hulda Garborg and explore their lives, literature and visions. Play with the magical blue chest, enjoy the listening chairs, watch the videos and state your own opinions.

The Garborg Centre is centrally located next to the train station in Bryne, 40 minutes south of Stavanger. In the same building you will find Time library and Garborgstova café. The building is accessible for all.


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NOK 30


  • Hetlandsgaten 11
  • 4340 BRYNE
47 77 60 20

Where is Garborgsenteret?