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Svanøy, known as the "pearl of Sunnfjord", is Flora municipality's southernmost and most verdant island. 

A visit to Svanøy makes an excellent day trip from Florø! On Fridays during the summer, you can join a guided tour of both the Norwegian Deer Centre and Svanøy Manor House. You can enjoy a delicious venison or salmon burgers made locally from locally sourced ingredients at Svanøy Kro. 

From Florø, the local boat sails through a magnificent landscape to Svanøy Bay on the island of the same name. Svanøy has a long and multi-faceted history. In previous centuries, the island was the most important centre in the region, with a high level of export and shipping activity.  The island is home to Svanøy Manor House, which was both a nobleman's dwelling and an episcopal residence. Today, about 70 people live on the island, and Svanøy is widely known for its high-quality salmon and venison. Norsk Hjortesenter – the Norwegian Deer Centre – on the island is a national centre of expertise on wild and farmed deer, and lets you experience the deer at close quarters. 

GUIDED TOUR OF SVANØY ​​​​​​SEASON Every Friday from mid-june to mid-august. THE EXCURSION 12.00 Depart by local boat from Fugleskjær quay in Florø 12.50 Arrive in Svanøy Bay. 12.50 Transport from Svanøy Bay to the Norwegian Deer Centre 13.10 Guided tour of the centre 14.00 Transport to Svanøy Manor House 14.20 Guided tour of the manor house 15.05 Walk on your own to Svanøy Bay 15.20 Opportunity to buy lunch at Svanøy Inn 15.20 Depart by local boat from Svanøy Bay 15.50 Arrive in Florø

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE 16.50 Depart by local boat from Svanøy Bay  17.40 Arrive in Florø PRICE Adults: NOK 315, children: NOK 160 Included: transport on the island, guided tours of the Norwegian Deer Centre and Svanøy Manor House. Boat tickets for the return trip to Svanøy if required are extra and must be purchased on board.



The Svanøy Bay, Svanøybukt, is a popular spot for holiday visitors and local people alike. You'll find a guest harbour with power hook-ups, a general store and an inn. You can get a free map of the island and hire bikes at the general store. Cycling around this lush island is a fantastic experience. Why not ring +47 57 74 00 29 to reserve a bike in advance? Next to the general store is the inn, Svanøy Kro, were you can enjoy a delicious venison or salmon burgers. 

The historic Svanøy Manor House is just 10 minutes' walk from Svanøy Bay. In its time, the manor house has been home to both aristocrats and bishops.  5 km beyond Svanøy Manor House is Norsk Hjortesenter – the Norwegian Deer Centre, a national centre of expertise on the red deer, where you can experience deer at close quarters!  


NOK 160


  • Svanøybukt

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