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Enjoy the small town vibe with charming cafés and lovely shops in Strandgata, at the same time as exciting activities and spectacular scenic experiences are within easy reach. Join a beer tasting at Kinn Bryggeri, visit the coastal museum and explore the fantastic coastal scenery.

Explore the archipelago

You can explore the beautiful archipelago of islands that are as varied as they are beautiful. The local boat can transport you through a fantastic landscape all year. Are you on the look-out for a fantastic experience? You can enjoy fantastic views on walks on the islands Askrova, Reksta and Skorpa.

The saga island Kinn

The emerald-green, grass-covered island Kinn lies out at the ocean’s edge. You will be enchanted by the island, its history, the medieval church and the beautiful scenery. The fantastic walking terrain and easy access from Florø make Kinn a popular destination all year round.

Svanøy – ‘the gem of Sunnfjord’

Svanøy is the southernmost and most lush island in Florø. It is home to the beautiful Svanøy Manor where both nobles and bishops have lived over the years. Meet the deer at the Norwegian Deer Centre. Fun for adults and children alike! Svanøy is known for producing high-quality venison and salmon.

In summer, you can go on a guided boat trip to Svanøy and Kinn.

Ausevika rock carvings

See one of the biggest rock carving sites in Norway, with figures that were made some 3,000 years ago. The site has more than 300 carvings of animals and people. You can also see fertility and agricultural motifs known as huntsman’s art. Ausevika is a 40-minute drive from Florø.

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