Starting point  At Lake Elversvatnet along the old road over Mt Røldalsfjellet

About the trail  The hike goes into the high mountains where you will find snow all year round. Beautiful views and lovely valleys with several small lakes along the trail to Hallet grøne. Parts of the trail have stone steps made by local dam workers, later employed as dam keepers. The works were carried out in order to use the water for hydroelectric power stations. The path crosses the alpine ski slopes in Røldal on the return hike.

Parking: At Lake Elversvatnet Parking fee: free Length: 10 km Total ascent: 510 meters Total walking time: 4 hours Season (average year): July – October (when the old road is open)


  • 5760 Røldal
+47 480 70 777

Where is Hallet grøne - circular hike at the top of the world?