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Hellandsnuten is located close to the centre of the village of Sand in Suldal. The municipality has the highest mountain peaks in Rogaland.

How long is the hike to Hellandsnuten?

The hike to Hellandsnuten, via Hellandsstølen, is a demanding hike of around 14 kilometres round trip. The hike has a total of 895 metres of altitude. You should expect to spend 6 hours on the entire hike, without breaks.

The highlight is the view of the area's five fjords: Sandsfjorden, Hylsfjorden, Saudafjorden, Vindafjorden and Lovrafjorden.

There is a Nutfant book at the top.

How to get to Hellandsnuten?

The village of Sand is a short detour from Rv 13. The hike starts from the car park at Joagarden Barnehage in Eide, just outside the centre of Sand.

When is the season for Hellandsnuten?

The season for the hike to Hellandsnuten is from May to the end of October.

Tour description

The entrance to the Stegåsen hiking area and the hike to Hellandsnuten (740 masl) can be found just above the car park at Joagarden Barnehage. From here, follow the road up to a crossing tractor road at Jonsokplassen. Follow the road further up to the right and turn right at the first opportunity. Then follow the blue markings and the path upwards. There are several demanding and steep sections along the way. Your reward at the top is one of the best panoramic views in the entire region, with views of the Sandsfjord, the Hylsfjord, the Saudafjord, the Vindafjord and the Lovrafjord.

Remember to sign up in the hiking book located at the cairn!

If you want an easier hike, you can try Stegåsen Rundt or Eidsliane in the same hiking area.

Important info for the hike


  • 4230 SAND
995 63 001


Level of difficulty:
  • Challenging (red)
  • 14km
Total ascent:
  • 680m
  • Mountain area
  • Path
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Summer

Where is Hellandsnuten - hike in Suldal?