The path is surrounded by pine ridges and open marshes. Breistølen (locally also called Breien), is the mountain area belonging to the farmers at Indre Nesse. The mountain farms were in use until 1955 and several of the farm buildings are still in good condition. From Breistølen the path passes a stream and continues on a steady ascent towards Hesjedalen lake and Hesjedalen mountain farm where it meets route 3 coming from Tenndalen.

Practical information To drive right up to Breidalen you need to pass a toll barrier (take coins).

Start:                                    At the information board in Breidalen (Euref- koordinat: x678428 y355769)

Finish:                                  At the information board in Breidalen (Euref- koordinat: x678428 y355769)

Parking:                                              At the information board in Breidalen or by the main info board in

Nessedalen. Approx. 5km from Nessane.

Getting there:                                   Nessane is 27 km outside Balestrand centre, on road 55 towards Bergen/Førde

Marking:                                             The path is marked with signs and red markings on the stones and trees.

Grading:                              Moderate

Kilometer:                          3.1 km one way

Height difference:          300m - 740m -300m

Time:                                                   4 hours – round trip

The family friendly path to Hesjedal runs along the moderate rise of a moraine ridge up through the Breidalen valley. 


  • Nessane, Balestrand
  • 6899 Balestrand


Level of difficulty:
  • Medium (blue)

Where is Hesjedalen, Balestrand?