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You can access the trail by driving the Norwegian Scenic Road to Årdal, and take a turnoff at Tveit and drive to Nes. From the free parking area, follow the southern bank of Storånå river up to Hiafossen falls – an hour's walk. You will find yourself walking on an old construction road built by migrant Swedish workers in 1907–1912. Today, this road is the first part of the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association's trail to Viglesdalen. Your walk past Hiafossen falls will be especially memorable when the streams are flooded, and particularly when large quantities of water flow freely from Nilsebuvatnet lake. The road continues to an elegant stone bridge over outlet of Viglesdalsvatnet lake. If your fishing card is in order, you catch tasty trout in the rivers and lakes. If you leave the trail and ascend the mountain ridge at the western end of the valley, following it for about 100 m, you can see one of the most impressive water-carved potholes in this region. Check out the boulder seemingly suspended in the ravine beside it. If you pass under the boulder and continue, you will descend to Hiavatnet and can follow the path along the lake, rejoining the old service road just before the bridge. The road continues along the northern shore of Viglesdalsvatnet and leads you all the way to the cabins of Viglesdalen.


  • 4137 Årdal i Ryfylke
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Where is Hiafossen falls in Hjelmeland?