Location Husnes, Valen, Handeland

Overview Walk from Statoil in Husnes along Lake Opsangervatnet towards the light sculpture "Samspel". The path goes a little further and then turns right. You can also start from Spar Valen or from Handeland Gard. The Stavangerske Post Tour (The Stavanger Mail Route) was established in 1647. The route went from Stavanger via Kvinnherad to Bergen. The hike may also be combined with a trip to Vikefjell.

Map Folgefonna National Park Start and stopping point Husnes via Valen to Handeland, approx. 9 km in total. Use your imagination and creativity to plan parts of the hike. Parking Husnes: By the Statoil Gas Station Valen: By Spar Valen (Grocery Store) Handeland: By Handeland Gard (Mansion) or the parking lot towards Handelandsdalen. Marking Good gravel road with good markings. There are several information boards along the way. The main information board is placed by Spar Valen. Grading Green, suited for baby carriages and motorized wheelchairs. Difference in altitude 40 – 100m MASL Estimated Time It depends on which part of the way one wants to walk. Recommended advice Use your imagination and creativity to plan parts of the hike. The bus can be an alternative for returning to your own car.  


  • 5451 Valen
+47 53 48 42 80


  • 9km
Level of difficulty:
  • Easy (green)
  • Forest area
  • Autumn
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Winter

Where is Hike along the old Postal Route?

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