Location Rosendal.

Overview Through the Baronihagen Park to the main road behind the Baroniet. On a quality gravel road past the Hatteberg farms and through Hattebergsdalen to Murabotnen where the road ends.

Map Folgefonna National Park Rosendal Turgruppe's route map. Start and stopping point Baroniet Rosendal See alternatives under "Overview" below. Parking The parking lot at Baroniet Rosendal. Marking Good gravel road with no markings. There is an information board by the entrance to Hattebergsdalen. Grading Green See under "Recommended Advice" Difference in altitude 40 - 190m AMSL Estimated Time 2 hours round trip Recommended advice An alternative start and stopping point can be the parking lot at Fossberg by the entrance to Hattebergsdalen. The hike will then have almost no incline and is better suited for baby carriages, children on bikes and motorized wheelchairs.


  • 5470 Rosendal
+47 53 48 42 80

Where is Hike to Hattebergsdalen?