Route description

About 50 from the parking lot begins the path up to Nonshaugvatnet. From the east end of the lake and some distance up the ridge there is no path, but eventually red marks appear that lead you up to the ridge. Further towards Jørenvågsalen there is a marked path. The trip down is along a marked path down to Gullsteinskaret and out into the valley. From Gullsteinsetra onwards there is a tractor road. Remember to turn left from the tractor road at the red mark, so you do not end up down to Gullstein.

Access and parking

Follow RV680 over Tustna. About 2.5 east of Coop on Leira, take the gravel road into Gullsteinsdalen. Follow the road to the car park marked Gullsteinvollen, Gullsteinsdalen


  • Gullsteinsdalen
  • 6590 TUSTNA
70 23 88 00

Where is Hike to Jørgenvågsalen and Jurtinden?