Location Omvikdalen Map Folgefonna National Park Start and stopping point Ripel Parking By Omvikdalen school Marking T markings from the intersection by Ripel where there are signs and an information board. Grading Red Moderate hike, three boots according to the DNT system. Difference in altitude 60 - 810m AMSL Estimated Time 4 hours round trip Recommended advice There is a T marked path from Nonshaug towards the south to Tverrfjell. See the route description for Tverrfjell. Be creative and use your imagination to plan interesting hikes. Overview From the parking lot by Omvikdalen school along the highway going south for approx. 200 meters to the intersection by Ripel where the route begins. Follow the road on the outlying fields and past two gates up to the turn before the end of the road at approx. 350m AMSL. Please remember to close all gates behind you! The sign to Nonshaug at the right side of the road is pointing to the path. For the first 100 meters, the path goes through a spruce forest and continues in more open terrain up to Krukestøl where the farm, upper Sandvik, was located in its time. Continue up to Nonshaug and the rock cairn at the eastern most top towards Omvikdalen. There is a beautiful view of the best developed agricultural area in Kvinnherad. Return the same way


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Where is Hike to Nonshaug?

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