Location Halsnøy, Fatland Map Fritidskartet Halsnøy–Fjelberg, scale 1:20 000 The map can be purchased at Øybutikken (General Store), Sæbøvik and AG Tre, Sæbøvik, or from Arne Gjerde, 5458 Arnavik, tel. 53 48 22 10. Start and stopping point The parking lot by Gilo at Fatland. Marked by signs from the main road towards Sydnes. Parking Drive past the traffic roundabout at Tofte and turn towards Høylandsbygd/Sydnes. Turn right towards Sydnes after approx. 500 meters. After passing the marina in Arnavik, drive approx. 1 km to the sign pointing to the left for 100 meters to the parking lot. Marking Information Board by the parking lot. Signs and T Markings Grading Blue Moderate hike, two boots according to the DNT system. Difference in altitude 60 - 232m AMSL Estimated time 2.5 hours round trip 3.5 hours if you take the round track, see map. Recommended advice There are some wet areas. The trip around Fatlandsvatnet is recommended, see under "Overview". Overview Follow the signs from the parking lot for approx. 100 meters to right behind a small cluster of houses to the path southeast towards Sydnessåta. There is a steep incline the last 80 height meters towards the top. Around the top there is a burial mound from the Migration Age. One can wonder who was buried up on the top, 234m AMSL more than 1500 years ago. If you wish to extend the trip and turn it into a round trip, you may go down the marked path at the east side of the top and turn left until you reach the path you walked up on. From here, there is 200 meters to the fork where you turn right onto the forest road down in Lóndalen Valley to a plantation. Follow the forest road around Lake Fatlandsvatnet to the parking place.


  • 5458 Arnavik
+47 53 48 42 80

Where is Hike to Sydnessåta?

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