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One of the sights for which Halsnøy island is famous is Halsnøy Abbey. The Augustinian abbey was completed in 1164. The ruins of the abbey are now a museum, and part of Sunnhordland Museum. The abbey is the venue for a number of cultural events held throughout the year. Just beside the abbey are lovely hiking trails and a cultural trail.

West of the abbey you can actually find a road called End of the World (Verdens Ende).

The heart of Halsnøy is the village of Sæbøvik. SPAR Sæbøvik forms a natural hub. There are gift shops, a bakery and a cultural centre in Sæbøvik. Sæbøvik’s popular marina is a natural stopping-off point for boat tourists in the summer. There is also parking for camper vans.

Other accommodation options in Sæbøvik are holiday homes and cabins. Many of these also provide the use of a boat, which means that you can make fishing trips on the fjord part of your holiday. The island has plenty of places to visit on short and long hikes.

Halsnøy is connected to the mainland and the rest of Kvinnherad municipality via the Halsnøy Tunnel. This is a toll-free tunnel. Husnes village is 15 minutes from Halsnøy.

The island is shaped rather like an S, and at the narrowest point, you can see the sea at both sides. The island is about 17 kilometres from west to east, and there are ferry quays at both ‘ends’ – Ranavik and Sydnes.

The islands of Fjelbergøya and Borgundøya are Halsnøy’s closest island neighbours.

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