Location Halsnøy, Sydnes Map Fritidskartet Halsnøy–Fjelberg, scale 1:20 000 The map can be purchased at Øybutikken (General Store), Sæbøvik and AG Tre Sæbøvik, or from Arne Gjerde, 5458 Arnavik, tel. 53 48 22 10. Start and stopping point The parking lot by Sydnes Ferry dock. Parking Drive past the traffic roundabout at Tofte and turn towards Høylandsbygd/Sydnes. Turn towards Sydnes after approx. 500 meters. Follow the road to Sydnes ferry dock and park your car. Marking Information Board by the parking lot. Signs and T Markings Grading Blue Easy hike, one boot according to the DNT system. Difference in altitude 03 - 112m AMSL Estimated time Up to 4 hours Even longer if you stop often by the culture attractions in the round trip along the coves to the south. Recommended advice This is a relatively dry route, but some areas can be wet. You may wish to take the round trip via Skarvaberget, the idyllic coves Narravik, Hatlevik and Bekkjarvik. There are unusually many cultural attractions in this area. The path comes back to the forest road above Bekkjarvik. Follow the signs and markings. Overview From the ferry dock up past the close to 50 meter long Langrøysa from the Bronze Age which is located only 30 meters from the dock. The path reaches a farm road after approx. 250 meters. Turn right and follow the road for 200 meters to the forest road intersection. Turn right to walk the round trip via the cultural attractions and the coves mentioned under "Recommended Advice" above. The forest road to the left going east is the shortest route to Trollåsen. Follow the main forest road going straight in intersections with other forest roads. After 1.2 km, you will pass a sign to Bekkjarvik, and after another 300 meters on the forest road you will reach a sign for the path leading up to Lyhammarhelleren. This was more than likely living quarters in the Stone Age and is now an excellent rest area. Follow the markings from Lyhammarhelleren up the hill and north to Trollåsen. There are pictures, information and myths on Trollåsen in the book at the top. From Trollåsen, you may take the same route back or the marked round trip route over the ridges towards the northwest and down towards the idyllic Dottatjørnane and the forest road back to Sydnes.

Where is Hike to Trollåsen?

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