Hiking up Mount Ulriken is one of the most popular tours in Bergen. There are several different routes to the top of Ulriken, here is a couple of the most popular:

The most popular route: Start at Montana and walk the Sherpa steps (1333 stept):

Take bus No. 12 from the city center to Montana. Follow the signs to Montana Hostel. Turn right just before the hostel. Follow the gravel road uphill for approximately 15 mintues (0,8 kilometers). At the end of a gravel road you can select multiple paths up to Ulriken. Here you'll see a bench and signboard with a map and a river on your right. Follow the path straight onwards and it will make a sharp left bend. A few minutes later you'll see the steps. From here you follow the steps all the way to the top.

Start from Ulriken Cable car:

Take the bus to Haukeland hospital from outside Exhibition shopping center in the city center. Walk across the footbridge and follow the signs to Ulriksbanen. Just behind the cable car is the start point for the track up to the top. It starts with some stairs and continueson a gravel road for a short while. Turn right when you reach the first plateau before the red house. Cross over a small bridge, and you will come to the former parking lot at Montana. (Then follow the route above). Starting at the cable car will add about 20 minutes to your hike depending on how fast you walk.

"Eggen": If you do not like to climb stairs, you can take the path starting behind the signpost and the bench called Eggen. (So follow the road from Montana in the beginning.) The distance to the top is pretty much the same, and the view is very nice. However, on this path you will get a very steep climbing section. If you suffer from vertigo we recommend you walk the Sherpa steps. This route is not recommended for children. The trail is not well marked.​​​​


The walk to Ulriken is suitable for all ages and takes about 1.5 hours from Montana. However, you will probably see a lot of very fit Norwegians running past using the steps as exercise rather than leisure. 

Calculate a bit more time if you are walking with children. The walk offers great views all the way. This is a very popular trip for both locals and visitors. It is steep, but you are rewarded with stunning views along the way and of course panoramic views of Bergen and the surroundings from the top.


The walk is popular any time of year. However, in winter the steps are slippery from snow and ice and you need spikes on your shoes. From the top of Ulriken you can take Ulriken Cable Car back if you do not want to walk down. Or you can continue accross Vidden to Mount Fløyen (approximately 5 hours). On top of Ulriken you can also treat yourself to a great meal at Skyskraperen Restaurant.

Source: Visit Bergen


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