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When island hopping, you'll go with a rowing boat or another small boat from island to island around the farmland. Local guides from Klostergarden can tell you more about Utstein and the history of the area. There are animals grazing all year round and you can see them from the sea around Utstein. Utstein has particular national value with the cultural-historical, landscape and agricultural elements that give the area its distinctive character, and the farm was protected as a cultural environment in 1999.

Klostergarden also offers food baskets with local food and drinks that you can take with you on our adventure, or delivered to the desired spot for your break time. You are responsible for your own safety when travelling at sea and life jackets must be used. The bay Klostervågen has calm waters sheltered from wind and waves. Outside of the strait Fjøløysundet, there is an open sea and more demanding waters.

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  • Utstein, Klostergarden, Mosterøyveien 802,
  • 4156 Mosterøy


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Where is Island hopping at Utstein?