At the museum you get a look at the motorized fishery that came after the second World War. New inventions were used in the fisheries and made the vessels more efficient and the work became safer and easier. With the use of power blocks and echo sounders the catches were bigger and made it possible to invest in bigger and more modern ships.

Karmøy has from the 1800s done a lot of herring fishing around Iceland, and every year ships were sent to there. Many of these ships got equipped in Vedavågen, not far from the museum, before they headed northwest for Iceland. There it was in particular Seydisfjord and Siglufjord where the fishermen from Karmøy were situated, where there still are traces from them. This fishery went on until the 1970s when the herring disappeared. The museum has a lot of objects and photographs from the time after World War 2.

The museum also has a café where you can get coffee, waffles, ice and soda.

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  • Slettavikvegen 26
  • 4276 Vedavågen
+ 47 52 81 74 55

Where is Karmøy Fishery Museum?