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Concerned about her husband, who regularly returned home sweaty and cold after long days of work on the farm and in the woods, she developed a new knitting pattern. The pattern forms an insulating layer of air that keeps the body warm and dry at different levels of activity. This was the beginning of the wonderful history of Lanullva's pure merino wool collections for babies, children and adults - knitted with air and love. Read the rest of the love story at

Visit the Lanullva pier outlet only 8 km from the Atlantic Road. Lanullva knitted products comes in many nice colours of 100 % merino wool, the collection spans from baby to adult. Our nice shop is a restored trading pier from the 19th century.

Visit our lovely shop at the LanullvaBrygga!

Lanullva - knitted with air and love

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  • Atlanterhavsveien 5
  • 6532 Averøy
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Where is Lanullva wool products?