The museum is located in the old rectory barn about 300 meters from the centre of Moi. Here you will find numerous collections that cover most of the history of Lund municipality.

Lund Village Museum and Culture Bank is a regional museum for wood crafts in the Dalane region. It is best known for its special handicraft and industrial collections, with emphasis on furniture, toys and not least, rocking. The museum also has a unique collection of rose-painted storage chests from Lund. You can see them in the permanent exhibitions.

At the museum ground you will find the homestead “Haien” (“The Shark”) where exhibitions and activities are arranged throughout the summer. The historic orchard is also found here. It is run in collaboration with the Norwegian Genetic Resources Committee. The orchard is a clone archive where about 60 different apple and pear varieties have been collected. Some of them, such as Skårseple and Drivdalseple, are local varieties that you only find in Lund. At «Haien», you will also find an old well-preserved prayer house, Fjellhaug. Here many cultural activities take place. The prayer house was moved from Heskestad to the museum in 2013. In September, special “Apple Sundays” are arranged where you can taste most of the apple varieties. The rectory from 1776 and the church from 1812, are part of the cultural and historical experiences that define this area. For more information about the museum and its opening hours, check out their website and Facebook page.

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Where is Lund Bygdemuseum og kulturbank?