Melsvatnet is located along fv. 506 between Bryne and Ålgård. This is one of the few lakes at Jæren that provides good swimming opportunities. Jæren Friluftsråd has facilitated for a car park with facilities and several hiking trails and a fishing pier adapted for wheelchair users. There is a nice walking path around the water. The trail is solid and well-founded with gentle uphills and downhills, mostly with a good overview of the water. You will also find great viewing points along the way, such as the well-marked Brunshammeren. From the top of Melsnuten north of the water, there is a great view of Jæren. In winters with cold weather and snow, there is often ice skating on the lake Melsvatnet, and you can ski in the surrounding moors. Accessibility The area is prioritised with regard to universal design / high degree of accessibility and all facilitation here is considered with regards to this. Not everything is or will be available, but the goal is to provide a good offer for as many people as possible. Nature and experience The nature around Melsvatnet lake varies between forest and heath. There are several seating areas along the hiking trail, both in the forest and overlooking the water. On the northeast side of Klubben, you can walk inland on the hiking trail and find an idyllic picnic area by the water. Nice playing opportunities and climbing opportunities in the forest. The balance trail along the hiking trail in the forest can be a great challenge for young and old. There is free fishing with a rod from land and there are nice places to try your luck at fishing. Swimming areas have been created by the car parks. In the summer, there is a bathing ramp out into the water at the bathing area by the middle parking lot. At the eastern part of the water, there are fields that are suitable for pitching tents. Several school classes use the area for excursions. There is also a campfire site here. Rules for bonfires apply, and you must at all times assess the fire hazard in the terrain before lighting a fire. From here, you can walk the marked path up to Brunshammeren. The car park by Melsvatnet can also be a starting point for other trips, such as to Lyngaland which is a farm from the migration period, or a trip in Sælandskogen.

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  • Fylkesvei 506
  • 4340 Bryne
51 77 61 60

Where is Melsvatnet?