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At Jæren, a little south of Stavanger the MingarWalker Glassblowing studio is located. Here you will find a contemporary collection of Norwegian Handblown glass, designed and made by Line Victorie Mingar and Benjamin Walker. The heart of our glassblowing studio is our furnace. The Egg.  The Egg always contains molten glass and keeps a temperature of 1100°C. Day and night through out the year. What keeps our egg this hot is our Dragon.  He is a little chap, about 10-15 cm long, or so we think – we have never properly seen him, just the big flame he breaths. Twice a year, in January and July, our Dragon goes on holiday, so he and the glassblowers can have a well earned rest. Our Dragon isn't the only mythical creature inhabiting our studio.  We also have a hyttenisse ((studio nisse) a Norwegian elf-like person) Our hyttenisse/studio nisse is a relative of the more well known barn nisse, ours look after the Egg and the Dragon. Is it true? Who can tell? We always put out the traditional porridge for him the day before Christmas. To be on the safe side.


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Where is MingarWalker Glassblowing studio?