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The first Lerum juice was boiled one August day in 1907 in the small hamlet Leri at Sørheim in Luster in Sogn. Kari and Nils Hansson Lerum ran a country store, Bui, and received berries from the farmers in the area. The berries was sent on by boat to Bergen. One day there were two stumps of raspberries standing on the quay, these were the juice to make. This was the start of the Lerum adventure.

Nils had run a country store for several years. Two years after the first juice was boiled, the Safthuset, the first factory, opened. Today, both the country store and the juice house appear as a museum.

The factory from 1907 was restored for the 90th anniversary of Lerum in 1997 and stands out as it was originally. In 2003, the restored country store opened, which Nils and Kari Lerum started in 1905.

The Lerum Group is still family-owned. Today, the 4th generation is the owner. Lerum is a supplier of jams, juices and lemonade.

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  • Sørheim
  • 6876 SKJOLDEN
(+47) 47 24 05 80

Where is N.H.Lerums Saftfabrik AS Handels- og industrumuseum Sørheim, Luster?