The boat has a spacious lounge with large light inlets and a seating area that can be easily adjusted depending on activity. For example, transport for 9 people in the direction of travel, or a large sub-sofa for social gatherings.

Experience the coastal pearls of Western Norway with us. We tailor trips for you and your travel companion. We will pick you up wherever you want in the Bergen area, whether it is Bergen City Center or Flesland if you come by plane. We arrange accommodation, food and drinks on request.

Recommended tours:

Bergen- Cornelius Seafood restaurant for a culinary dining experience out of the ordinary.

Bergen- Rosendal (Barony) A trip to Scandinavia's smallest castle from 1665.

Bergen- Skjerjehamn. Day trip with art exhibition and lunch at Pakkhuset.

Bergen- Bekkjarvik (Austevoll) with accommodation at Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri and a fantastic dining experience with the twin chefs Ørjan and Are Johannessen.

About Bergen Event Company:

Bergen Event Company are based on Tyssøy outside Bergen and specialize in boat trips, company trips, maritime events, courses and conferences for groups.

Source: Visit Bergen


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