Norheimsund RIB Seafari takes you right into some of Norway's most stunning sceneries.

Onboard the comfortable open RIB you get a close feeling of this world famous fjord area with waterfalls created by erosion and melting ice thousands of years ago. After crossing the majestic Hardangerfjord, they will bring you up the narrow fjord of Fyksesund to Botnen, a settlement with rugged beauty that will leave you breathless. This community is remote even by Norwegian standards, its rural with no crowds – no ques - no fuzz. Just pure silence and picturesque scenery. Bring your camera to capture your memories of this panoramic adventure. On board the Norheimsund RIB Seafari fast running open RIB boat you will pass waterside villages and steep mountains raising 3000 feet into the air.

This is where glacial erosion have given way to sculpted towering mountainsides with dramatic waterfalls. This is "alpine cruising" that excites. Cruising the deep fjord along towering mountains is an unforgetable experience and a panoramic adventure which provides you with everlasting memories.

Scenic route: Norheimsund-Aksnesholmane-Herand-Fyksesund-Botnagrend-Kvamsøy-Norheimsund Starting point: The boat departs from Norheimsund Marina, Kaien 10. 150 meter from the bus terminal. Duration: 90 minutes at sea with addition for dress up and briefing. Meeting time: 15 minutes prior to departure for dress up and briefing. Age limitation: from 4 years. No limit upwards. Not suitable for guests fighting back- and neck injuries.

Transfer from Bergen: Public bus no. 925 from Ålatform O, Bergen Bus station


  • Kaien 10
  • 5600 Norheimsund
4811 4282

Where is Norheimsund RIB Seafari?