North sea trail at Stolmen

Place: Stolmen   Start and stop point: Årland or Kvalvåg (roundtrip)

Parking: Parking at the local groceri at Årland, parking spot in Kvalvåg or park along the road.

Marking: The trail is marked after the new national standard with a blue "N" on white background, bue "N" on rocks or green signs.

Grading: Blue, easy walk.

Difference in Altitude: 10 - 60 a.s.l (Såto)

Time used: 1,5 - 2 hours (roundtrip 6 km.) Recommended advice: Some wet areas, use mountain shoes. 

Tour description: From the parking spot in Kvalvåg follow a marked trail, and pass the end of Stangelandsvatnetand further down to Mølnevika. Follow the path marked with the blue "N" , and turn west on the top. Follow the signs to "Såto", the top of Stolmen. From Såto the view over the big ocean is beautiful, and if you are lucky you might see eagles! During the war, the Germans built a radar station on Stolmen. Remains of the station give a glimpse of the activities taking place during the war. You also find an illuminated globe at the Northseatrail.


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