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Experiences along Norway's wildest detour

Nature's own water park? You're guaranteed a refreshing experience if you choose to dip your toes or take a bath in the pothole. Please note that this is always at your own risk.

When driving Aursjøvegen from Eikesdalen, you'll reach Finsetlia and the small wooden sign pointing the way to the pothole. The natural, turquoise pool is only 100 meters from the road and easy to find.

A bit further up, you'll see the viewpoint Aurstaupet, often called the "mini version" of the famous Trolltunga. Here you can learn more about "Norway's wildest detour".


  • Aursjøvegen
  • 6472 Eikesdal
70 23 88 00

Where is Pothole in Finsetlia by Aursjøvegen?