Rhododendron Rex which has given its name to the park has and will be planted throughout the garden. Rex ssp. Filctolactueum is one of the many different Rex- plants that can be seen in the park. Many other plants will be planted in the park throughout and it will be a park that is in constant development as the seasons progress. "Rex Island", only accessible by boat, is also a part of the expanding park.

The park is connected to the beach area "Strando" in the beautiful village Førde. Førde also has a grocery store, a second-hand shop, café, and several hiking trails.

There are several beautiful wooden sculptures around the park made with a chain saw by local artist Kenneth Ravn Ottesen. Olav Furre initiated the park and it was built in  2014.



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  • Lauvneset, Førde
  • 5550 SVEIO

Where is Rex garden in Sveio?